The sun does bring us warmth and light, but we also need to protect ourselves from its harmful ultraviolet rays. When it comes to a sun hat, you think of a wide-brimmed hat. A sun hat is never wrong to wear when you go outdoors in the summer. The sun hat is made of various materials, such as nylon, straw, cotton and other materials. You can choose the right style of sun hat by yourself, so that to protect your head, hair and body from the sun. The additional benefit of a sun hat is that it’s stylish and comfortable.   

The sun hat works as a natural barrier against the sun and its harmful rays. The best sun hat is made up of several factors. First, a good sun hat will have a wide brim. The wider the brim, the more protection you get. You don’t need to wear the giant floppy grandmotherly brims. About 3 inches of the brim should be enough. Choose a hat with a non-uniform shaped brim. The sun’s rays don’t just striking from above. They bounce off the surface all around you. Brims with non-uniform shape are better at preventing those rays from hitting the face.

Next is the material of the hat. A sun hat can be made of any one of many materials. These materials can determine how much UV protection the hat provides. Natural materials, such as hemp or cotton, do provide some protection. Synthetic materials are commonly used in sun hats with specific UV protection designs. You can usually find the UV protection rating number on the tag or description of the hat.

The color of the hat is another factor that people will consider when choosing a sun hat. The color of the hat also affects how much protection it offers. Lighter colors reflect rays, while darker colors absorb them. Both of colored hats provide protection. But in fact, the hat that absorbs light means it prevents those rays from touching your face. If you can find a design that incorporates these two elements, you will get the best protection.  

The sun hat is a timeless classic item. Straw hats can make sundresses look different. Cowboy hats can add sexy fashion sense to your overall look. Fedoras are fun, bucket hats are cute. You can use a sun hat as a contrast, or you can use a sun hat as a supplement. Remember, a sun hat doesn’t just match your clothes; they can also highlight your personality. 

A wide-brimmed sun hat can help protect certain parts of the face and scalp that are hard to reach with sunscreen, providing extra protection for areas that are easily overlooked. The hat can also be used to block the sun’s rays from particularly exposed areas such as the face and eyes. A good sun hat is made of UPF 50+ material, which the higher the UPF number, the more protection it offers you. In general, the Ultraviolet Protection Factor of a hat is marked on its label or description, which you can refer to.