There is a relationship of love and hate between me and the sun. I really like outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, gardening and more. I also like to breathe fresh air in the natural sunshine. But my skin (especially my nose and cheeks) cannot withstand the sunlight. No matter how much sunscreen I apply, my face turns into a cherry tomato at the end of a beach day. So now in the summer, I won’t go out without applying sunscreen and wearing a sun hat.

Whether your skin is prone to get sunburned, there is no doubt that you need to protect your face and eyes from the bright sun and its harmful rays. The hat is the perfect way to protect you from the sun, while it also looks stylish and chic. You can wear them to beaches, parks, swimming pools, and even on you traveling days.

Each personality type has a different style of sun hat. People who like retro style can always rely on a Panama hat; for those who want a classic beach style, they prefer a floppy hat. A person who seeks sun protection but don’t like wide-brimmed hats, the fedora hat is the perfect choice for the ponytail fans. If you want to avoid straw hats or canvas hats, there are a variety of hats for you to choose from.

A sun hat will add instant style and enhance your overall look. It will let a basic outfit become cool. Hats can also be used to cover up your bad hair days. Regardless of your style, we will help you find a sun hat that belongs to you.

  • Felt Panama Hat

The hat is great for you to go camping or traveling. It comes with a belt buckle which makes you look elegant and fashionable. It can be matched with most of your clothes, including dressing up and casual wear. There is a soft sweatband for breathable and cozy fit. The brim of the hat can keep your eyes protected from the sun. It features with an adjustable cord on the inside of the hat, which you can loose or tighten it to fit your head size.

  • Feather Fedora Hat

Fedora hat is best for most travelers, which adds a different style to their travel outfits. It can pair with almost your daily wear. The hat can be made of two materials, straw and felt. You can wear a straw fedora in the summer while a felt for the winter. This feather fedora has a typical ribbon band around the hat, which makes the hat look neutral.

  • Wide Brim Hat

This striped floppy hat is perfect for beach days. The wide brim gives you a full coverage for your face, nose, and ears as well as your neck. It offers extra layer to keep your face and skin protected.

  • Bucket Hat

The bucket hat is made of very soft, lightweight and breathable polyester which makes you comfortable to wear. It features with special and modern designs that make you more attractive. The hat’s wide brim provides you with perfect protection from the sun. You can go fishing, camping, hiking, climbing and more by wearing this bucket hat. It is a great accessory for this summer.