Many of you may have watched Downton Abbey, a British historical period drama which is set in the early 20th century. The story depicts the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and their domestic servants in the post Edwardian era. Some of you are addicted to its rich storyline. Others may because of its spectacular cast and gripping performance. There are also some people probably find the costumes who are worn by the characters are very beautiful.

After watching all six seasons, you may be dazzled by the hats that ladies wear. In post-Edwardian Yorkshire, your outfit would not be complete without a hat. For ladies, hats should be worn on many occasions. For example, it would be rude not to wear a lovely accessory in the social etiquette of afternoon tea.

In the 1910s, women’s hats had wide brims and were often decorated with elaborate decorations. Feathers, flowers and lace adorned the oversized brims. These hats are perfect for leisure activities, such as garden parties. The higher a woman’s social status, the more appropriate it was to wear a large hat.

The most common hat in the drama is the cloche hat, which was popular in the 1920s. Hats fitted round and close to the head, but they were still characterized by wide brims, short crowns, and simple ornamentations. Now there’s only one cluster on one side, not a full head of flowers, or maybe a brooch. The style was simple and easy. The color of the hat was also very simple. Hats didn’t have to go with clothes, but they usually coordinated with an accessory, like a purse or pin. When it comes to cloche hats, the ladies of Downton Abbey have evolved over time. After the war, the hats’ brims were narrowed and their hats cupped the head. In the 1920s, cloche was a fashion icon. Today, the bell-shaped hats are popular among many women for winter. It’s easy to wear this hat whether your hair is long or short, and it can be decorated with trimmings.  

A wide-brimmed picture hat with round crown was often worn in the summer. Lady Edith in Downton Abbey wears a typical picture hat, with a wide silk ribbon around the hat. The shape of the brim mimicked a large bonnet hat with drooping sides, framing the face like a picture. A broad straw hat looked very beautiful on a sunny day.  

The musketeer hat was also called a Cavalier hat. It was made of straw in summer and in the winter it was constructed of rich velvet. The hat featured with the brim folded up creating points on either side. Lady Mary and her youngest sister Lady Sybil wear the musketeer hats with a flower ribbon to one side. The shape of the hat is similar to a bucket hat, because of the deep pull down crown, and with a wide brim that circled the crown.

If you are looking for Edwardian era hats to wear to a costume party or to make your street clothes appear in a vintage style, you can refer to the hats that worn by the three Crawley sisters in this drama.

Summer has already come this year. The weather is becoming hotter and the temperature is getting higher and higher day by day. So it’s time to update your wardrobe and experiment with new shapes, styles and colors. The changeable seasons have reminded us to purchasing the trendiest summer outfits. For summer wear, the number one thing is to make us as cool as possible and give some fashion sense to our overall look. From the swimsuit to dresses, from sunglasses to oversized hats; there is so much in store for each one of you. Fashionable women have more choices this summer, why make do with the style of last season? Let’s take a look at some new styles in this summer. 

When you don’t have a good enough alternative, the easiest way to enhance your style is pairing a great top or blouse with bottoms of your choice. This loose, off-shoulder top is paired with wide-leg pants, making it very casual and cool. However, not all strapless tops fit this style.

Skirts are always summer classic clothing, so it’s recommended to choose a flared silhouette to make the best of your summer clothes. Embrace your girly heart because it’s the only time of the year you can wear a dress without worrying about the wind outside.     

Pleated skirts have been popular around the world for some time. Metallic tones are the most common colors of pleated skirts. However, light-colored pleated skirts are easier to wear with almost each piece of your clothes in your wardrobe. Summer pleated skirt with a short T-shirt and strappy sandals to make you look more casual and stylish!

Dresses are a girl’s best friend, and they never go out of style. However, the best one is the sundress because it makes a great summer outfit for women. They are easy to be worn, making you look very refreshing and casual.

If you’re the kind of person who likes simplicity and stands out in a crowd, this T-shirt dress is for you. If you have to spend the day in playing outdoors activities or just hanging out with your friends, this style is a no-fuss and convenient option. And it can be matched with a pair of white board shoes. It is very simple and casual.  

Summer wear is incomplete without a hat. We can see many stylish women wearing a hat to protect them from the sun and the harmful UV rays especially in summer. Hats are a must-have item for summer wear, not only it can protect us from the damaging rays but it also blocks the rain to some extent.

The womens bucket hat is stylish and colorful, which you can choose the best summer hat from a variety of bucket hats. A bucket hat can be worn in many occasions, such as hiking, surfing, riding, traveling, gardening and more. It is versatile for both protecting your from the sun and blocking the damaging UV rays from your eyes. Women often think a hat as their finish point of their outfits. Therefore, it is crucial to wear a sun hat in summer to protect your face, ears and neck from sunburn.