Most of the bucket hats are made of cotton or denim. With the popularity of the bucket hats, its design and style are more and more diversified. It is loved by many fashionable hipsters. They wear a bucket hat in different ways in order to distinguish themselves from other people. The popular method of wearing a bucket hat is to roll up the brim of the hat, forming a certain degree of curvature, so that the hat looks very solid and stylish.

Then let’s take a look at some kinds of bucket hats with wide brim that can be rolled up.

This bucket hat has large and wide brim which perfectly protects your face, neck and ears from the hot sun when you take part in outdoor activities, such as hiking, climbing, fishing or taking a picnic. The adjustable chin strap is suitable for most women’s heads, and the sweatband and string are designed to ensure that your hat fits perfectly on your head. The over-wide brim of the bucket hat provides enough shade and UV protection to cover your face and neck. It also resists the sunlight without blocking your vision especially in the summer. You can also roll up the brim of the hat at will. It has good ventilation effect which can keep your head dry and cool in the summer.

The texture of the hat is light and breathable. It is very ideal for travelling and outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, golf, boating, no matter where you are: beaches, cruises, gardens, it can meet your needs for a sun hat. Foldable and crushable material makes this hat easy to carry and retain its shape. You can easily remove occasional creases with a steam iron. The detachable and adjustable chin strap makes this bucket hat safe and secured stay on your head on windy days. The button bow decoration gives your hat a simple and elegant style.

It features a rolled-up brim that can be folded up or down into a cloche style hat. It is made of thick yarns. Girls who are very afraid of cold can choose such a hat with thick wool that keeps you warm. The design is unique, combined with the texture of the wool which makes it witty and cute. Wear a warm and stylish bucket hat in the winter to keep you warm and draw others’ attention. It brings a skin-friendly wearing experience, strong thermal storage performance, which perfectly meets your need for warmth and prevents cold winds from invading.

This straw bucket hat is perfect for you to go to the beach. It features a wide brim which can be rolled up. If there is plenty of sun lights outside, you can flip the brim down to protect your eyes from the sun. When the wind is blowing, you can flip the brim up so that the brim is not out of shape on the windy days. Besides, it has good ventilation function which makes it breathable. Thanks to its comfortable and soft straw, it is packable and lightweight.

The bucket hat can be used to shade or to pose. The most fascinating thing is that it can make our face look small, and it is suitable for all facial forms. Even if you are too lazy to make up, you will be outstanding in the crowd by wearing a bucket hat.

Women’s bucket hat might look simple and the style is not so diverse. However, it is indeed the most versatile hat among women in recent years. With its unstructured design and the flexible brim around the crown, it is one of the most popular hats worn by women in the summer.

You can wear a bucket hat when you take part in outdoor activities, such as hiking or gardening. The wide brim of the bucket hat provides good sun protection for your face while avoiding obstructing your vision. It also gives you the comfort and breathability you need for a summer hat. With its sturdy design, you can match it to most of the clothes in your wardrobe.

It can be a challenge to choose a good bucket hat to add to your wardrobe. Therefore, following are some bucket hats that may satisfy your need and taste for a summer hat.  You can refer to them so that to choose the best bucket hat for summer.

This aqua ribbon bucket hat has been built with great layers to the fabric, giving it extra support. There’s a nice little thin hatband to give it a whimsical feel.

The color of aqua is very fresh, and the hat lines are clearly visible. It is very delicate and full of stereo perception. The width of the hat can well prevent the sunlight. It is very fashionable and casual. Girls may need such a hat to go out and to take pictures.

If you want to a vibrant bucket hat, this one may be suitable for you. This orange bucket hat is made with an excellent craftsmanship and high quality materials. And the material is very soft and lightweight that makes you comfortable to wear all the day. It also has a quick drying performance so that it can dry quickly after it gets wet. You can wear it in a safari style. This bucket hat has a wide brim that can offer you a great sun protection. With an adjustable chin strap to make sure that the hat stay secured on your head in a windy day.

This bucket features colors and patterns such as white with floral patterns. If you want to buy a reversible floral bucket hat for your girly and elegant style, you can consider this one with various patterns to choose from such as iris minutoaurea and sky blue. They are all unique patterns that you cannot find in any other bucket hats, making you stand out from the crowd. This bucket hat is totally reversible, which you can easily turn this hat inside out to have a new look with one hat. Two styles in one for you to change the style whichever you want to.

The popular bucket hat has become a must-have accessory for people in the summer.

From the beret to the baker boy’s caps, the last few seasons have seen a plethora of headgear silhouettes popping up at shows. And, for 2019, another retro style has revived: bucket hats.

The fashion bucket hat has finally started to embrace the trend, from the street style to the chic style; here you will know how to find a bucket hat of your own.

  • If you are a streetwear

Why not go for some bright neon this summer? If that’s not enough for you, try on a zebra print bucket hat. From daytime brightness to those vinyl pants, this attracts people’s attention. For people who want to make a new look on a bucket hat, you can try this collocation. This pink camisole pairs with a pair of vinyl pants, the combination is bright and charming. Adding a zebra print bucket hat, the overall look is very eye-catching.

  • If you are a city girl

From runways to streets, it’s clear that the 1970s are having a renaissance. And since there’s nothing more 1970s than corduroy, a bucket hat in the material is essential. This velvet brown bucket hat gives you a chic feeling that as you come back to last century. It is very elegant and stylish with a coat and denim pants plus a pair of white leather shoes. In terms of colors, such as khaki, brown, white and blue, they are all solid colors. The material of the bucket hat is comfortable for you to wear and it also can keep you warm in the winter.

  • If you are not afraid of some fashionable fun

Miuccia Prada made a solid attempt in this area by introducing a slimmed-down bucket hat made of peacock feathers and allover sparkles on the Spring/Summer 2005 fashion show. So if you want to add a splash of “extra” to your look, and are not afraid to have a little fun with fashion, this is the way to do it. Ingenious designers always like to adopt an original approach to current fashion items. This peacock feathers may be strange to some people, but stylish people may not think so. Fashion might not satisfy all people’s taste and needs, while this trend is continuing to develop.  

  • If you are challenging summer holiday vibes

The floral bucket hat is very popular in the summer. While if you are not fond of flowers, you can still get onboard with the trend of printed hats, it will make you energetic. This bucket hat has print flowers and leaves, which is very fresh and colorful in the summer.

  • If you are a college girl

This black bucket hat has falbala brim which is unique and stylish. In recent years, bucket hats have been developed with several shapes which mainly differ in their brim and top of the hat. The falbala brim has appeared in the shape of bucket hats, adding nifty feeling. If you are a college girl and want to show you girly and stylish style, you can try this collocation.